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U Value U Integrative Health, Weight Loss, Wellness, Medical Mobile Clinic

Welcome to U Value U, a one of a kind natural health service provider/consultant, where optimal health, increased vitality and an individualized plan of care greet you.
At U-Value-U, we use an approach to health that focuses on the underlying problem/s. With such an approach, we promise you increased stamina, increased vitality, increased energy, longevity, self-empowerment and nurturing of your soul as long as you are willing to take the initiative. At U-Value-U, our approach to better health incorporates the art of medicine from both eastern and western cultures.
Our recommendations are based on well established studies, ancient modalities, personal experiences, and proven methods that can be replicated. Many of the approaches that Dr. Graham uses in her practice, have been used successfully to treat patients in the Retail Clinic setting who were open to trying an approach that did not involve the use of prescription drugs. The recovery rates were very high and the speed of recovery was astounding. Results like these are what prompted Dr. Graham to decide to open her practice to heal one person at a time.
Our motto, "Healing without Harming", is the core foundation of our business. We believe in doing no harm, to both people and the planet.
Our service is built on trust, honesty, integrity, and veracity. We want to develop a partnership like no other. Our partnership with our clients centers on providing the necessary support to facilitate a renewed desire to live.

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Updated on March 14, 2016